Preventive Maintenance
Warranty approved services
Cooling system flush
Oil change & lubrication service
Transmission service
15-30-60-90K scheduled services  
Transfer case service, Filter
replacement, Repack wheel
bearings, Fuel injector flush, Repack
C.V. joints, Engine de-carboning
Differential services,Power steering
flush, Battery service, Brake fluid
flush, Timing belts
Tires and Brakes
Diagnosis  Master cylinders
A.B.S. diagnosis,  Disc calipers
A.B.S. repair and service
Wheel cylinders, Warning lights  
Hose & line replacement,
Pad & lining replacement,  Fluid flush & bleed,
Brake rotors/brake drums,  Wheel bearings & seals,
Drum & rotor machining, CV boots, Brake boosters,
Emergency brakes,Tire repair, Tire mounting, Wheel
Diagnosis, Steering linkage,
Shocks/struts, Rear suspension,
Ball joints Steering rack
& gears, Coil & leaf springs,
Power steering, King pins,
Drive axles, Control arms,
Air ride systems, 2 & 4 wheel
alignment, Sway bar & bushings  
Electrical Systems
Diagnosis  Starters, Driveability/engine performance  
Electrical wiring, Electronic ignition, Charging systems
Computer control system, Dash contols & instruments
Emission control systems
Climate control,
Maintenance tune-ups
Heater & a/c controls
Battery/warning lights
Check engine lights
Lighting system  
Engine repair and replacement  Differentials
Transmission repair and replacement  C.V.     
                                      joints  Driveshafts  
                    Transfer case, Front                        
                     drive axles, Engine                          
                    4-wheel drive train                           
                     Engine mounts
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subject to the guarantee of the original manufacturer.
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