Tapps Performance & Collision
    Paint/Body Repair
    The collision repair performed at our facility is done using
    equipment specifically designed for today's sophisticated
    import and domestic vehicles by experienced technicians
    We work well with all insurance companies and their
    representatives. We have found each company has a
    slightly different claims policy procedure, some of which are
    underwritten. That is the reason we provided this information
    for you, the vehicle owner. We have standardized and
    provided our guarantee and policies for your convenience
    and peace of mind.

    Insurance companies play an important part in collision
    repairs. We have years of experience with insurance
    companies and are on a first name basis with most
    insurance agents and adjustors. Our staff will do whatever is
    required to speed your claim through the insurance
    adjustment process.

    If you have any questions, please ask us. Our trained
    professionals are ready and willing to help you in any way
    they can.
Heating/Cooling and AC Systems
Diagnosis  Head gaskets, Radiators,
Coolant/antifreezerecovery,Hoses and belts
Transmission coolers, Heater cores, Heater
                                control valves
                                 A/C service                               
                                 and repair
                                Fan clutches,                             
                                 Airlow ducts                               
                                 & vents, Electric                        
                                 cooling fans,                              
                                 A/C-heat control panel, Water
pumps, Power flushing
*Guarantee -Due to the confidence we have in our craftsmen, we provide a warranty on all repairs we perform. Parts and materials are
subject to the guarantee of the original manufacturer.
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